The Newcomer Network at Catholic Charities

Deciding to emigrate to a new country is a life-changing and difficult choice for any family—doing it, however, is harder still. Amelia*, an asylum-seeker and mother of two from Honduras, knows this firsthand.   Amelia’s fraught journey would have been even harder if it were not for Catholic Charities DC’s Newcomer Network. The network supports the Washington, DC region’s growing immigrant population—of which […]

University of Maryland Clark Doctoral Fellows

When Raquel Hakes Weston-Dawkes was considering doctoral programs, she knew one thing for certain: “I wanted to study wildfires,” she says now, having earned her Ph.D. in engineering. For many doctoral candidates, however, the subjects they most want to pursue and the availability of funding to support their education do not always line up. Too […]

Tutoring makes math fun

A year ago, if you talked to DC ninth-grader Jah’ere Kelley about math, he likely would have shrugged and grudgingly admitted he was stressed about school and, by extension, his future. Though the bright freshman at Ron Brown College Preparatory High School in Washington, DC, is just beginning to think about what he wants to […]

Community of Hope

During her first pregnancy, Mercedez Milling-Robinson realized that she needed a different sort of care if she were ever going to have another child. Her first born, Marcus S. Robinson is doing well today, but throughout her pregnancy Mercedez felt her care was too impersonal — at times, even disrespectful. The ability to have caregivers […]

Hire Heroes USA

After serving for 26 years in the U.S. Air Force as a chaplain and program manager, Esmeralda Aharon had mentored dozens of senior-level airmen. When it came to her transition to a civilian career, however, she wasn’t sure where to start.


The EngineerGirl Ambassadors program, launched by the National Academy of Engineering on International Women’s Day 2018, invites high school girls with an interest in and understanding of engineering to share their talents with younger girls in their community. Sophie, a high school student from Pasadena, CA, was chosen as an EngineerGirl Ambassador in the 2019 […]

Latin American Youth Center

Based in Columbia Heights, Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) is a multi-service community anchor that has been supporting the social, academic, and career needs of young people since the late 1960s. In 2018, Lupi Quinteros-Grady took the reins as President and CEO. Ms. Quinteros-Grady has a 20-plus year history with the organization: she was a […]

DCPS Persists

As part of its broader commitment to support DC public and charter school graduates succeed in college, the Foundation invested $10 million in the DC Public Education Fund to launch DCPS Persists, a new program that provides college-bound DC Public Schools graduates with a support network to help them graduate from college. Starting with the class of 2020, students will be […]

Children of Fallen Patriots

Cassidy La Bouff is the daughter of U.S. Army Major Douglas A. La Bouff. “My dad had the biggest heart. He was caring, compassionate, and genuine,” she explained. Maj. La Bouff lost his life in 2006 while serving overseas. “My dad’s service means everything to me. He was the type of man where if he […]