2022 Year in Review • Portfolio Overview

Veterans Initiatives

The Clark Foundation is deeply committed to supporting those who have served our country and assisting as they transition back to civilian life. The Foundation’s investments are aimed toward helping veterans and their family members improve their health and well-being, succeed in their education and employment goals, strengthen family resilience, and enable them to become leaders in their communities.

Travis Manion Foundation

The Clark Foundation invested in the capacity-building, program improvement and strategic growth of the Character Does Matter Program (CDM). CDM is a veteran-led youth mentorship program that leverages the skills and experience of our nation’s military community, developing young people’s character, leadership skills and driving community impact. CDM veterans also benefit by finding meaning and purpose in their lives, developing new connections, serving their communities, and uplifting and inspiring younger generations to thrive.

Workshops for Warriors

The Foundation invested in Workshops for Warriors’ (WFW) capital project to build its new training facility, “Building 3030.” WFW provides low-income veterans and transitioning service members with industry-leading advanced manufacturing education and job placement. Building 3030 will increase the workshop’s capacity from 162 to 486 seats per year, making it possible for more veterans to be trained, certified, and placed into high-paying, good quality jobs.

Team Rubicon’s “TRades Academy”

The Foundation invested in capacity building and strategic growth to support the TRades Academy. The TRades Academy addresses the shortage of trusted, qualified general contractors by tapping into veterans’ skills and training them to improve and rebuild homes. The TRades Academy harnesses veteran leadership and helps homeowners hit by natural disasters while developing career paths for veteran students.