St. Michaels Community Center Gets $250K Grant for Renovation Capital Campaign

The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation is helping to support the people served by the St. Michaels Community Center with an investment of $250,000 for the nonprofit’s building renovation capital campaign.

Catholic Charities Gala Raises Record Amount as it Honors Msgr. Enzler’s 50 Years of ‘Saying Yes’ to Serving Others

The Gala thanked Enzler, popularly known as “Father John,” for leading the agency for the past 12 years upon his announcement last Fall that he will be retiring.

Philanthropic Sourcing, Diligence, and Decision Making: An Equity-Oriented Approach

“During my career, I’ve done my best to navigate grantmaking processes as equitably as possible,” says Ryan Palmer, executive director at the Horning Family Foundation and former director of DC initiatives at the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation in Washington, DC. 

More than 215 students at R.B. Stall High School in South Carolina are taking part in a tutoring program called Saga Education

 It helps kids get the extra help they need during the regular school day. 

Investing to address today’s challenges requires a foundation of trust and community.  

On #NationalPhilanthropyDay, the Clark Foundation is proud to highlight our new legacy landing page to share lessons and impacts from the last 35 years of our trust-based philanthropic programs.

Ten New Mini-Pitches Honoring Black Players for Change and Black Women’s Player Collective to be Created by End of 2023

The Hendley Elementary mini-pitch is part of the D.C. Soccer Initiative, a city-wide partnership between U.S. Soccer Foundation, The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation, MLS Players Association, and Target.

Goya? Picasso? This obscure art museum has them and much more.

The museum — where admission is just $3 for adults — hosts workshops on subjects ranging from plein-air painting to printmaking.

We’ve made some big changes! 

The Clark Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our new legacy landing page.  

How does a legacy speak for itself? 

Since 2016, the Clark Foundation has invested half of our over $1 billion in assets across 240 organizations and institutions using a trust-based philanthropic approach.

What happens when a foundation completely flips the script on its spending? 

Read about how relationships, trust-building and holistic support have driven effective grantmaking during our $1 billion spend-down.