Children of Fallen Patriots

Grantee Story

Cassidy La Bouff is the daughter of U.S. Army Major Douglas A. La Bouff. “My dad had the biggest heart. He was caring, compassionate, and genuine,” she explained. Maj. La Bouff lost his life in 2006 while serving overseas. “My dad’s service means everything to me. He was the type of man where if he didn’t believe in what we were doing overseas, he would not have volunteered to go.”

With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots), Cassidy is studying Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Legal Studies at Colorado State University. “I believe my dad would be proud of the woman I am becoming. He always emphasized the importance of education, so I know he would be proud I’m pursuing a degree.”

Cassidy believes in honoring her fallen father through living life the best she can. She encourages others Fallen Patriots scholars to reach out to one another. She says there is something healing about connecting with others who have gone through the same struggles.

“Children of Fallen Patriots has been there for my family in times of struggle and celebration. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for the support Fallen Patriots has given me while I chase my dreams. With the help of Fallen Patriots, I can fully focus on my education without any financial stress. I am forever grateful for the people I have been able to meet and connect with through Fallen Patriots. Fallen Patriots has given me a community, a family. I couldn’t be prouder to be a gold star child and a
member of this foundation.”

There are approximately 20,000 children who have lost an active duty parent in the military over the last 35 years. The mission of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to ensure that every such child receives all necessary college funding.